Committed to your business goals by helping you uncover the best talent globally.

What You Get

Research In The Fast Lane

We always focus on quick turnaround times for our clients. However, sometimes quick just isn’t fast enough! We get it. We offer same-day turnaround for general research projects.

Functional Experts

We have teams of recruiters who specialize in recruiting for specific functions. We have teams focused on product and technology, finance and M&A, strategy consulting, commercial and corporate functions.

Frequent Communication

Peace of mind: We are highly responsive and communicate with clients throughout the entire duration of their projects, as well as sending frequent update reports.

Geographic Capability

We cover Europe, Americas, Asia, and LatAm. We have consultants on the ground with local and intimate knowledge, allowing us to provide our services more effectively and accurately.

What Is Recruitment Research?

Recruitment Research breaks down the recruitment process into different modules which allows our clients more flexibility to choose what support they need. You may opt to outsource only the talent mapping (name generation) or take advantage of our full or partial executive search offering. Recruitment Research is not always geared towards making an immediate hire, we also assist clients with talent pipelining, succession planning, and insight services. We give you the option to choose and customize a service based on your needs.

sample report - talent pipelining

How Can It Benefit My Business?

Saving time, while increasing quality: Outsourcing the recruitment research process can save your recruitment team, and business, a lot of time. In addition, it can lead to higher quality talent because we track down passive individuals. We focus on the best possible candidates for the position rather than limiting your business to candidates who are actively on the market.

How Do We Uncover The Best Talent?

Our research goes far beyond traditional sources like LinkedIn. In order to find the best talent for you, we leverage various sourcing methods such as AI tools, boolean strings across multiple sites, and various online and social platforms depending on the regions, functions, and seniority level involved.

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